2021/12/03 18:08:21


– Authorization by profiles

– Fingerprints like Hardware concurrency, Device memory, WenGL metadata added

– Allows to generate corresponding national language based on IP

– Allows to add more cookies

– Allows to custom cache limit

– Allows to search by serial number

– SunBrowser core updated to 88

【FB automation】

– Added functions Check token and Check consumption data

– Create page: allows to create post and close notification of the page

【Application center】

– Added extension Block Notification

– Added extension Autofill

【Local API】

– Allows to cooperate with Selenium and Puppeteer


– Profile Recycle Bin: allows to search by more conditions

– Referral Program update

– Operation log-Group management: added operation type Create

– Allows to pay by bank cards like VISA and MasterCard

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