2024/06 (v6.5.28)

2024/06/30 13:57:36


1. SunBrowser: Added <Chrome 126> kernel, improving compatibility between UA and kernel versions.
2. FlowerBrowser: 
a. Fixed the problem causing excessive data use during profile startup.
b. Allowed automatic adjustment of the time zone" and "location" when using a dynamic IP.
c. Added the "ClientRects" fingerprinting.
d. <Firefox 120> kernel now includes [Website Management - Block Access].
e. Addressed the issus that caused the detection page to go blank when enabling the [Disable loading videos] setting.
3. User-Agent: Updated to <Chrome 126> version, providing more UA options.


1. Proxy Configuration: Enabled support for batch random allocation of saved proxies.
- When creating profiles from an Excel file, fill the [proxyid] column with "random" to indicate random proxy allocation.
- Use cases: Batch creating/editing profiles, quick creating profiles, batch updating proxies.
2. Profile Configuration: Added "Data Sync" configuration to manage personalized data synchronization.
3. List Settings: Added "Compact" to display more rows within limited screen.
4. Advanced Filtering: Added "Is Empty" and "Is Not Empty" filtering conditions.
- These filtering conditions are only available for the "Name", "Remark", "Tag", "Platform" and "Accounts" types.
5. Trash: For up to 30 days after deleting, you can recover your own profiles from the Trash.


1. Task Execution: Added support for "Random Execution" when creating/modifying RPA tasks.
2. Task Threads: Increased the upper limit to 100, enhancing the processing efficiency and capability of batch tasks.

For more details, refer to our article( What’s New: What We Launched in June 2024 )

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