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Multi-Window Synchronizer

Why a Multi-Window Synchronizer?

Without AdsPower
  • Waste much time on repetitive boring tasks.
  • Get troubles in shifting screens frequently.
  • Easily miss some minimal actions.
With AdsPower
  • Simultaneously manage multiple same tasks.
  • Effortlessly sync windows on both Win & Mac.
  • Securely sync your actions on different profiles.
  • Bulkly simulate the real individual operation.
  • Unleash productivity and optimize workflow.

Discover More Advantages of Synchronizer

  • User Friendly Interface
    User-friendly for Each Person
    What you see is what you get! It is really simple to sync multiple windows for optimizing your workflow, even for the newbies. You don't need to change your usage habits on browsers. No configuration & coding required! Only with a few clicks, will you finish plenty of tasks (searching, browsing, interacting, downloading, etc.) at the same time. 
    User Friendly for Each Person
  • Multiple Screen Sync
    Multiple Screens Sync on Win & Mac
    Such an ultimate multi-window sync tool can sync several browser screens at once without stagnation. Undoubtedly, it will streamline your workflows in dual-screen, triple-screen or even more-screen operations on both Windows and Mac computers. In addition, it fits for both built-in screen and extended screen synchronization.
    Windows and Mac Supported by AdsPower
  • Visible Multi-Window Syncing
    Any Site & Profile Supported
    There is no limit for syncing! Users can select any number of profiles to start sync, from 2 to thousands. Moreover, any profile for any platform can be synced, including the popular websites: Facebook, Amazon, YouTube, Discord, Ebay, and so on. All synced windows will work just like the native websites.
    Support to Sync Any Site Operations
  • Boost Productivity
    Customize Workflow to Unleash Productivity
    No matter what you demand for simultaneous actions or delayed operations, AdsPower can satisfy all your needs according to your customization. Preset the texts and tabs' operations, and AdsPower will act as human in batches to efficiently complete your tasks.
    Customize Designed Texts
Best Multi-Login Browser for Any Industry
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Streamline Your Windows Experience with Multi-Window Sync


What you see is what you get! No coding required!


Easily sync just with several clicks. No need to change your usage habits!

Visible Multi-Window
Visible Multi-Window

Intuitively monitor multiple window operations.

Optimize Efficiency

Time-saving option to deal with the multiple same browsing tasks.

How to Use AdsPower to Sync Multiple Windows Actions?

Click Synchronizer

Open the profiles in AdsPower and click "Synchronizer".

Select Profiles And Set The Main Window

Select profiles and set the main/controlled windows.

Begin Synchronization Action

Click "Start sync" to begin your synchronization actions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many windows can I sync at the same time?

There is no limit of the synced windows in AdsPower's multi-window synchronizer. Please note that it just supports synchronization on SunBrowser(based on Chromium) at present.

Can I customize the click speed and type speed?

Yes! Hit the Setting button at the up-right corner, and then input the number that you want in the blank of "Type speed" and "Click speed".

Why can't my sub-members use this feature?

Please make sure that you have enabled the Windows Sync option in the Member - Function Permission section for your team members.

Why AdsPower?

Ultimate Security

Secure user login, data privacy, and browser fingerprints

Batch Management

Create multiple profiles and manage accounts easily

Undetectable Fingerprint

Allow customization of 20+ browser parameters

Customizable Automation

Create automated tasks to suit your requirements

Streamlined Workflow

Simplify your workflow and discover hidden efficiency

Integrated Teamwork

Ensure seamless collaboration and enhanced security

Best Multi-Login Browser for Any Industry
Best Multi-Login Browser for Any Industry

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