Antidetect Browser and the Crypto Industry: How can I Use It?

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In a recent article, we talked about how to choose the right IP address and proxy provider for your purposes.

One of the main uses of the browser is to promote valuable accounts where you can store your resources and not have to worry about threats of bans from antifraud systems. In the cryptosphere, of course, antifraud systems are not as comprehensive as those of giants like Facebook.

However, in centralized exchanges, blockchain games and other crypto projects, multiple accounts are treated seriously and bans occur periodically. A case in point is the blockchain game Sunflower Land, in which the developers decided to block all users who registered multiple accounts and bought multiple plots of land. How did they approach this? By using browser fingerprints, of course.

Valuable Accounts in the Cryptocurrency Industry

So, let's list what might be of value in cryptocurrencies for those who want to work with multiple accounts?

1. Cryptocurrency wallets - they don't have limits on the number of accounts themselves, but third-party projects that do kinds of raffles and airdrops, or projects that require a blockchain wallet to access, can have various restrictions. Sometimes it's also important to remain completely anonymous when having money in your wallet.

2. Discord accounts. Discord channels often offer places on a "whitelist" for those who are active to buy NFTs. And new accounts and bots will be banned.

3. Twitter account. This is an essential thing for different types of activities in the cryptosphere. Recent events make it very likely that antifraud systems and bot bans will be strengthened.

4. Account on cryptocurrency. Most of them require identity verification and there is a complicated antifraud system. That's why there are many profitable offers for one account.

5. Special offers, or access to resources related to the cryptosphere for users from certain countries.

All these basically boil down to the same thing as accounts on other platforms. Bonuses and privileges are limited to one account, one real person. If you want to bypass these restrictions and farm accounts, increase your personal efficiency, the AdsPower browser will be your effective assistant.

Functions of the browser

With the AdsPower browser you can create accounts on individual sites or in extensions.

To make sure you will not forget in which browser profile you created which accounts, you can make notes to them accordingly.

Antidetect Browser and the Crypto Industry: How can I Use It?

There are 2 options to use extensions: in the "Extensions" menu you can choose one of the extensions already uploaded by AdsPower and switch the slider to enable, or you can upload the extension you need.

Antidetect Browser and the Crypto Industry: How can I Use It?

The most common cryptocurrency wallet is MetaMask, you can find it in this section.

Antidetect Browser and the Crypto Industry: How can I Use It?

If you need other extensions, you can upload the extension in the corresponding menu item. To do this, it must be compatible with the Google Chrome browser.

Antidetect Browser and the Crypto Industry: How can I Use It?


In the crypto industry, AdsPower can be used for two main purposes: extra anonymity and security, and additional sources and opportunities for income.

AdsPower browser will help you to save time and increase your income in professional account farming or careful management and storage of your cryptocurrencies on multiple accounts.

If you still have questions, you can always contact us on our website or on our social networks.


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Antidetect Browser and the Crypto Industry: How can I Use It?