How to use Ace Proxies on AdsPower

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With each passing day, making money online requires more and more technical savvy. The evolution of antifraud systems of major platforms for certain resources makes it a must to have reliable proxies and an antidetect browser at hand. In this article, we will introduce a reliable proxy service, Ace Proxies, and show you how to set up their proxies in AdsPower.

What is Ace Proxies

Ace Proxies is a proxy service founded in 2017. It was created initially to provide HTTP/HTTPS proxies for one particular niche. This niche of users is in need of proxies in conjunction with bots to buy a limited edition of sneakers and clothing.

Ace Proxies is a good option if you're looking to buy private proxies. They provide secure anonymous proxies. You can easily get around filters and unblock restrictions using their proxies.

Your online freedom will be increased by their dedicated proxies because they are well masked. Additionally, there are two budget-friendly plan options available with private proxies.

Consider data center dedicated proxies if you require high speed and unlimited bandwidth usage. Here, you can find quick and effective dedicated proxies. You should take into account the residential brokers if you need rotating proxies that instantly change IPs in response to user requests. The proxies rotate at a set time by default, but you can change it whenever you like.

Hightlights of the Ace Proxies service:

  • 99.8% Uptime Guaranteed
  • No File/Image Restriction
  • Reliable Customer Support 24/7
  • Automatic & instant delivery
  • High Anonymity
  • Compatible with all browsers & devices
  • Unlimited and unmetered bandwidth
  • HTTP/HTTPS/SOCKS supported

How to set up a proxy from Ace Proxies in AdsPower?

1. Enter the personal dashboard on, and buy a proxy according to your own needs.

How to use Ace Proxies on AdsPower

2. View and download the proxy information you just bought in “My Orders”.

How to use Ace Proxies on AdsPower

How to use Ace Proxies on AdsPowerHow to use Ace Proxies on AdsPower

Downloadthe AdsPower program and log in.

4. Click on the “New Profile” button to create a new profile

How to use Ace Proxies on AdsPower

Choose the proxy type

How to use Ace Proxies on AdsPower

6. Fill in the proxy information and check how it works by clicking on the “Check proxy” button; all done!

How to use Ace Proxies on AdsPower

7. Click on the “Open” button to launch the profile.

How to use Ace Proxies on AdsPower

8. Now you can get down to work!

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How to use Ace Proxies on AdsPower