Why are my Amazon accounts banned? How can I avoid it?

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As an Amazon seller, keeping your account in good standing is absolutely crucial. A ban can be devastating, leading to lost sales and a tarnished reputation. So let's dive in and explore the things that could trigger an Amazon account ban and discover some essential tips to keep your account safe and sound!

Understanding Amazon's Account Banning Policy

Amazon enforces strict account security and banning policies to ensure trust and safety for both buyers and sellers on their platform. Fraudulent activities, such as using fake information, selling counterfeit goods, and violating intellectual property rights, are not tolerated. Consequences for engaging in such activities include immediate account bans, which can result in significant revenue loss and reputational damage.

Amazon may ban or suspend an account for various reasons, including:

  • Violating Amazon's policies and guidelines
  • Selling counterfeit or restricted products
  • Providing misleading information or failing to provide accurate information
  • Engaging in fraudulent activities, such as fake reviews or fake orders
  • Violating Amazon’s code of conduct, such as harassment or discrimination of other Amazon users

In addition to these reasons, Amazon also monitors sellers for suspicious behavior such as opening multiple accounts under different names or addresses. This violates Amazon's policy on maintaining only one seller account per person or business entity. Sellers who try to bypass this policy risk getting their accounts banned permanently.

If Amazon even suspects that you have violated their policies, they can suspend or ban your account without warning. But don't worry, there are also some nifty tools and tricks available that can help you mask your online activity and keep your identity safe from prying eyes.

Tips to Prevent Amazon Account Bans

Proactive steps to ensure your account safety

There are basic steps you can take to ensure account security on Amazon:

  • Regularly update account information: Keeping your account information up-to-date helps prevent unauthorized access and ensures that orders are processed correctly.
  • Avoid suspicious activities: Avoid activities such as creating fake reviews or manipulating search results that could raise suspicion from Amazon.
  • Maintain good customer feedback: Good customer feedback improves your seller rating and reduces the risk of negative reviews or complaints.
  • Stay informed about Amazon's policies: Staying informed about changes in policies or guidelines helps ensure compliance with Amazon's rules and regulations.

Using Antidetect Browsers for Increased Security

An antidetect browser is a browser, or a sophisticated collection of specialized tools, that enables you to alter digital footprints and browser settings so that the user cannot be recognized. Think of browser fingerprints as unique digital identities that are similar to fingerprints on human hands. They contain a wealth of information about your device, and can be used to track your online activity. But with an antidetect browser, you can evade detection and protect your privacy.

One advantage of using antidetect browsers is that they make it harder for Amazon to link multiple accounts or detect suspicious activity. They also provide increased security against phishing attacks and other online threats.

How To Manage Multiple Amazon Accounts

As a seller on Amazon, it's important to maintain a positive account standing to avoid the risk of being banned. One way to maximize sales and reach different customer segments is by managing multiple Amazon accounts. However, managing multiple accounts can be a challenge and may increase the risk of account linking and suspension if not executed properly.

To effectively manage multiple Amazon accounts, there are several tips that can be followed. Firstly, it's essential to keep each account separate by using different email addresses, bank accounts, phone numbers, and IP addresses. By doing so, it can reduce the risk of account linking and suspension. Additionally, it's important to use unique product listings and avoid cross-promoting between accounts. This can help maintain the integrity of each account and prevent violations of Amazon's policies in most cases.

AdsPower is an antidetect browser designed to help you avoid detection by Amazon's fraud detection algorithms. It masks your IP address and other identifying information, making it difficult for Amazon to link multiple accounts or detect suspicious activity. With AdsPower, your browser fingerprints are changed in separate environments, eliminating any chance of exposing your real ones and protecting your privacy and anonymity.

Managing multiple Amazon accounts can be a valuable tactic for maximizing sales and reaching different customer segments. However, it's important to follow specific rules to effectively manage each account and avoid any potential account linking and suspension issues.


In conclusion, Amazon account bans can be a nightmare for any e-commerce business or seller. It not only results in loss of revenue but also damages the reputation of the brand. Using AdsPower can help sellers like you keep their Amazon accounts secure and avoid getting flagged by Amazon's security systems. Plus, AdsPower can also make managing multiple Amazon accounts a breeze by allowing you to keep track of each account's activity separately in the app.

It is important to prioritize account security and stay up-to-date with Amazon's policies and guidelines to prevent any future issues. By following these tips and tricks, you can maintain a healthy relationship with Amazon and ensure long-term success on the platform. Remember, prevention is always better than cure when it comes to account bans!


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Why are my Amazon accounts banned? How can I avoid it?