What to do if my Facebook accounts get banned?

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What to do if my Facebook accounts get banned?

As we know, using Facebook is the most practical and popular thing you can do to promote your business. It is impossible to imagine that anyone can succeed in e-Commerce and affiliate marketing without facebook advertising.

But whoever runs multiple Facebook accounts would very likely come across such a problem: “My accounts are getting banned by Facebook, what should I do?”

In this article we’re going to talk about reasons why Facebook accounts get banned and how to avoid it.

Why you get banned by Facebook?

While you can get a Facebook ban for various reasons, there’s no doubt they’re all regarded as a violation of Facebook policy. Here are three common scenarios:

Unusual login behavior

What to do if my Facebook accounts get banned?

  • Multiple accounts

Having more than one account is against Facebook policy. If you register and log in to multiple accounts from one device using different emails and phone numbers, it can be detected by the platform and leads to a ban on all accounts.

And it should be noted that Facebook also bans accounts according to IP addresses. This can be awkward for a team running a batch of accounts.

Even if team members log in to only one account per person, there’s still a great risk of getting “red cards” from Facebook as they’re doing it from the same IP address.

  • Joint accounts

When an account is used by several people, certainly there will be inconsistencies in account history — new devices, new geolocations, new behavior patterns, etc. This makes your account look suspicious — at least to Facebook — and inevitably gets it banned.

As it was mentioned above, IP is another unignorable factor in keeping accounts from bans. So if you log in to your account from home and workplace, it may be determined as suspicious login by Facebook, too.

  • Two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication is a security process in which users provide two different authentication factors to verify themselves. With Facebook two-factor authentication turned on, your account is more secure.

Without two-factor authentication, your accounts can be exposed in high risk of being hacked, especially in the case of login from different location. Under this circunstance, the platform may disable the acount for the sake of security.

It’s recommended to choose login codes from a third party app as the security medthod. If you choose text message (SMS) codes from your mobile phone, there can be times when you’re not able to receive messages due to telecommunication problems.

Incomplete profile

If you don’t make any mistake as mentioned above but still get banned, then it might be the fault of your low quality profile.

We have two tips on creating a convincing profile:

  1. Use real names. It can be a fake “real” name like James White and Lily Brown, but definitely not a nickname or the name of a company.

  2. Use clear person profile pictures. A brand logo or a low-resoluttion picture is always a bad choice.

Inappropriate behavior

As the owner of an account, you should be responsible for its real information and content. If you don’t interact with other profiles, such as adding friends, leaving likes or comments, publishing posts, etc., your account will probably be determined as a fake account.

But being overly active is not something good, either. When you break community policy by frequently sending advertising posts or messages, or spamming in communities, get yourself prepared for a ban.

How to avoid being banned by Facebook?

If your accounts is disabled, the first thing to do is appeal a Facebook ban. Do not abandon it or create a new one. However, you’ll soon realize, just as any of your counterparts in their career, the chances of getting them back are tenuous.

The best solution, therefore, is to stop inconsistencies from the first day when your accounts are created.

AdsPower provides seperated browser profiles with unique fingerprints.

While setting up a profile, users can use a proxy for it. This is actually binding a browser profile to an IP address. Then when you run accounts in different profiles, you can avoid inconsistencies in geolocation and IP.

It also works for teams as members are able to run their own account in isolated profiles without being associated to the same IP address.

AdsPower also provides RPA robot to emulate human behavior to complete repetitive tasks, which helps users to warm up their Facebook accounts. Once turning on the RPA feature in AdsPower, there will be various RPA templates in the program.

You can either use the existing templates or create new ones based on your needs. Click here to read the AdsPower RPA tutorial.

What to do if my Facebook accounts get banned?

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What to do if my Facebook accounts get banned?