Farming Google Ads Accounts with the Anti-detect Browser

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Accounts with open access to the ad cabinet and high spending limits are the basis for advertising in large amounts on platforms like Facebook or Google Ads. The basic principle is the same everywhere - you have to make the algorithms "trust" you. However, each platform has its own peculiarities, which are worth paying attention to.

There are 2 main options for getting the right amount of advertising on those platforms: buying new accounts, or warming them up ( also known as farming). The process of farming is an inevitable process in the whole business chain, which directly creates value: an account you can either sell to someone or use for your own advertising runs and be sure of its safety. Technically it's not hard to farm accounts, you just need to buy "consumables" beforehand, I'll tell you about them below, and prepare an anti-detect browser.

Google Ads

Farming accounts for Google Ads is necessary. In addition to avoiding quick bans, for a high allowable billing size and minimizing the number of payments not be marked as suspicious. Accounts with a good reputation are also quickly appealed.

Facebook account farming is fundamentally similar to Google Ads account farming. Because the anti-fraud systems of these platforms are quite fastidious and complicated, you will have to spend more efforts on preliminary warming up the accounts in Google Ads.

You'll have to be careful with automation and most of the actions should be done manually to be reliable. You should avoid copying the same type of data and retype it where it is appropriate. This is quite easy to understand, just think how a real new user would behave? If you model his behavior skillfully, there won't be many problems. Some of the accounts will get banned anyway, so you have to be prepared for that as well.


There are just a few basic things you need to prepare. If you have long-range plans for each of your accounts, take the process of selecting the right components for farming seriously.

Pick proxy addresses from the region of your choice. It's better to choose premium resident proxies with a static IP for reliability. The User Agent in the anti-detect browser should always be selected for computer operating systems, not for mobile ones.

If you choose the wrong country for advertising or show your real IP, it may well be like this:

Farming Google Ads Accounts with the Anti-detect Browser

Rent a phone number to receive SMS to confirm registrations. You can choose any service, as long as the location is the same and it is not free. Duration - at least a month.

With most free numbers there is no sense to even try, it will be like this:

Farming Google Ads Accounts with the Anti-detect Browser

Payment methods - all the same here, certainly from the target geo. The least of all problems is a real card. It will need to make payment a week before, you can buy some digital goods for a dollar, such as photos at a stock site.

Anti-detect browser - there are many proposals on the market, choose the right one for you, but in any case, do not ignore it, it will simplify and secure your work. It is well worth the effort. We advise to try to use anti-detect browser AdsPower - one of the best browsers in the price/quality ratio - a large number of profiles for acceptable money and an intuitive interface.

As you know, google services have a lot of problems in payment and especially in Russia in 2022. Here is a small tip - you can choose "World" when selecting geography, and then either select only Russian, or use toponyms (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan) in key requests and headlines.

Sequence of actions

Day 1. Create a new profile in anti-detect browser and register your mail on not the most popular service, such as Outlook, iCloud, Yahoo. Immediately start collecting cookies. In other words, go to many different popular sites. Later we will use this mail as a backup.

Day 2. Create an e-mail on Gmail. Here we also start collecting cookies, only more actively, at least 100 pieces. Do not forget that it is necessary to do it with a reference to a geolocation, it is better to choose a specific city, region or state. Naturally, choose the one in which you want to launch in the future. The optimal time spent online in a new account is about an hour.

Day 3. Sign up an account in Google Ads. Go to 20-30 popular sites with a login through Gmail. Keep accumulating cookies, 100 more. Respond to 2 or 3 emails from the sites you registered with.

Day 4. Actively start using google services: cloud, map, calendar, online documents and others. Click and perform simple actions in each of them. Meanwhile, keep logging into different sites, such as e-commerce platforms.

Day 5. Go to and be active on different sites. Register whenever possible. Continue to take action in the services google. We make 5-10 searches, click on ads, and then stay on the sites for some time. Make queries on YouTube for a particular subject, sometimes put likes, a few channels subscribe, leave comments. Respond to a few letters and throw a few letters in the spam.

Day 6. Repeat the activities and start watching YouTube in a minimized tab. Monotony of activity is best avoided. Keep at this stage for 10 days.

After this period, we leave the account to rest for a week. Go to Google Ads and get billing (see billing and payments). After that, farm one more day, and then leave it for a day. Done, we can proceed to our target action.

What should we pay attention to?

- adhere to the principle of diversity, avoid completely identical actions, or too "professional", with copypastes in 2 seconds of all the information on one account;

- Prepare the data of a real person, if possible. Obvious fake autogenerators are better not to use;

- constantly enter commercial inquiries, click ads, and leave your mail;

- Fill in more information about yourself, or even connect the two-factor authentication;

- The first advertisement must be a white offer. You can choose a highly competitive offer, then the budget will go a minimum amount. Theme of the work is better not to change dramatically;

- You can also upload videos to YouTube, start a live stream (without "bad" topics, no crypto), try subscribing to Youtube Premium, Youtube Music.

We hope this article will be useful for you. Any additions, remarks and notes could be left in comments, let's talk there or contact AdsPower team. Always glad to learn together!


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Farming Google Ads Accounts with the Anti-detect Browser