Turbocharge Your Business With September Discounts and Energy Points

2023/08/28 14:57:12Author: AdsPowerReads: 11262

September is the beginning of fall, of a new semester, and... of a new round of sale! What can you expect from the upcoming promotion? Let’s have a close look at the offers.

First of all – discounts! For this sale, we offer up to 40% discounts:

  • 15% off 90-day subscriptions
  • 25% off 180-day subscriptions
  • 40% off 360-day subscriptions

During the sale, every subscription purchase you make will earn you 100% of actual consumption amount as your energy points. We explained in a previous post what energy points are and how to view the actual consumption amount.

This sale will start on September 1 and end on October 10 (GMT +8). Get energy points to turbocharge your business!

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