2022/08 (v4.8.9)

2022/09/08 17:56:20


- Supported Firefox core (only available in Pro package).

- Adjusted the option of [Account Platform] to optional.

- Fixed recent known bugs.


- Updated templates for [FB: confirm friends requests], [FB: invite friends to like on specific page], [Like on FB post], [Browse goods on Mercari], [Like on specific tiktok video], etc.

- Supported variables for [Drop-down selector] and [Upload attachment].

- Supported variables for serial number of the account in [New browser].

- Supported random order for [Get element data].


- Supported payment method [мир].

- Added authenticator binding feature, supported two-factor authentication by binding email, phone number and autherticator.

- Supported for setting additional members' permissions to run, modify, and delete RPA processes in [Management-Permission].

- Added [Disable loading images] feature in [Global Settings].

- Supported export grouping fields.

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