2022/12/01 19:24:45


- Updated <Font> fingerprint to improve anti-detection capability

- Fixed the problem of incompatible SVG format for forbidden image loading

- FlowerBrowser supports <Custom profile icon> 

- FlowerBrowser supports blocking image & video loading to save proxy traffic

- Added FlowerBrowser macOS version



- Added <Outbound IP> column

- Support to select proxy by <Remark>.

- Support to synchronize proxy information of Maskfog.IP



- Support uploading up to 100 extensions

- Updated extension: MetaMask

- Added extensions: Facebook Pixel Helper, Tag Assistant Legacy (by Google)

- Support for Free Plan users to use extensions



- Support modifying <Remark> and <Tags> of profiles

- Added <For data loop>, <Random get>, <Listen request>, <Import text> and other operation options



- More payment methods: India Bank Transfer, Touch'n Go, GrabPay, Boost

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