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Hands-Free RPA

Why Do You Need AdsPower RPA?

Without AdsPower
  • Expensive investment for a task: more people and more time;
  • Unpredictable errors making;
  • Lack of process and results monitoring.
With AdsPower
  • Enhance personal and business efficiency;
  • Accuracy guaranteed: reduce human-made errors;
  • Customize exclusive RPA process via simply coding or selecting from templates;
  • Run anytime & anywhere, without human supervision;
  • Timely track the tasks' results.

Discover More Advantages of RPA

  • RPA for Enhancd Efficiency
    Boost Efficiency with Automated Tasks
    Say goodbye to tedious, repetitive tasks with AdsPower RPA! Harness the power of robotic process automation (RPA) to streamline your workflow effortlessly. From process creation to results monitoring, let AdsPower RPA handle the grunt work, allowing you to focus on high-value tasks that drive your business forward.
    Create Automated Tasks
  • Beginner-Friendly Interface
    Beginner-Friendly to Create Processes

    Don't be worried if you are new to RPA! Compared with other antidetect browsers, AdsPower provides various RPA templates for beginners, suitable for popular platforms (Facebook/YouTube/Discord, etc.) . Thus you can apply them into the business directly without complicated coding. For the technical team with programming knowledge, they are also able to configure some elements to complete a new process generation.

    RPA Templates for Beginners
  • Scheduled Tasks
    Schedule Tasks Anytime & Anywhere
    It is the top pick for those projects that run all the day! You can get your hands free with scheduling the automatic tasks on a one-time, daily, weekly, monthly basis. The frequency and start time can be customized freely. The processes can be run repeatedly on time only if you keep AdsPower software started and logged in.
    Schedule Tasks for Certain Time
  • Less Error and More Reliable
    Less Error and More Reliable
    Whether it succeeded or failed, AdsPower can give you a glimpse of it. Each process can be tracked via task result, execution time, complete time, and the operation log details. Additionally, each task on any device is executed with precision, ensuring dependable results every time.
    Reduce Errors By Human
Best Multi-Login Browser for Any Industry
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Unlock the Power of Free RPA: Efficient, Accurate, Secure

Maximize Efficiency
Maximize efficiency

An alternative to multi-person repetitive operations.

Fixed Errors
Automation accuracy

Fixed processes reduce human errors.

Beginner Friendly Screen

No complex coding, easily create exclusive processes.

Free Trial

It is free now! Save manpower and time costs to maximize benefits.

How to Use AdsPower RPA to Boot Efficiency Now?

Create A Process

Creat a process or select a template from "Automation - RPA - Marketplace''.

Click RPA And Choose Process

Move to "Profiles" to select the ideal profile. Click "RPA" on the top side to choose the process.

Check Task Log

Monitor the operation at "Task Log" in RPA.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many task threads can be executed at the same time?

It depends on your setting. For example, if you set 5 of "Number of task threads" but select 100 profiles to operate, five tasks can be executed at the same time and the remaining 95 profiles are in a queue.

How can I know whether the RPA task completes successfully?

Task Log will help you a lot! Move to "RPA" - "Task Log" to view detailed information. If there is an error note or an exclamation next to "Log Detail", that is to say your task failed!

Can AdsPower RPA only work for browser tasking?

Yes! According to the feedback, AdsPower RPA is suitable for most scenarios. If you are considering using RPA, read our "RPA User Manual".

Why AdsPower?

Ultimate Security

Secure user login, data privacy, and browser fingerprints

Batch Management

Create multiple profiles and manage accounts easily

Undetectable Fingerprint

Allow customization of 20+ browser parameters

Customizable Automation

Create automated tasks to suit your requirements

Streamlined Workflow

Simplify your workflow and discover hidden efficiency

Integrated Teamwork

Ensure seamless collaboration and enhanced security

Best Multi-Login Browser for Any Industry
Best Multi-Login Browser for Any Industry

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