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Step-by-step instructions for using RPA automation from AdsPower

2023/01/05 17:59:40Author: AdsPowerReads: 5157

One of the main fields where your company has the opportunity to grow and scale is through the automation of repetitive tasks in multi-accounting. RPA automation, one of AdsPower's unique features, is right there to help you with that.

The benefit of automation is straightforward and lies on the surface: by automating repetitive tasks, we free up human time that can be used more creatively to identify new opportunities or enhance existing plans. At the same time, we improve process efficiency because a human won't be able to click as frequently or as efficiently as a bot.

The term "automation" intimidates a lot of people because it sounds difficult and necessitates knowledge of programming or other technical concepts. It's simple with AdsPower. Today, we'll demonstrate step-by-step usage instructions for AdsPower RPA using Amazon as an example.


Create a browser profile in AdsPower and match your proxy to your target market before you can begin using RPA automation. Here, we'll demonstrate how to use RPA to warm up Amazon accounts using an Amazon template as an example. Additionally, it can be used to simply create cookie histories for profiles.

Therefore, the first step is to open a new Amazon account. To receive texts and mail, you'll need a phone number. All the resources for support are available from our partners.

Automation templates

A template governs the automation process in and of itself. If existing templates are appropriate for your tasks, you can use them. or otherwise, make your own.

You can select automation templates for many different sites on our marketplace. Since we are parsing Amazon today, we have gone with the option that is currently most in demand: add item to cart. It must be included in your list of procedures.

When you apply the template, it will be displayed in the Processes menu, and it can be edited. In the "Create a task flow" tab you can create your template from scratch. The number of points is equal to the number of necessary steps.

Automation task launch

Once you've decided on a template, you need to go to the Profiles menu and select the profile you want, then click on the RPA button. Make sure that you have selected the correct profile, where you are already logged into Amazon and the right proxy is set up.

In the menu that opens, select the desired process, this time it is Amazon add to cart. Next, select the periodicity of the action or a single execution of the algorithm, and the process is ready to run.

After you click on OK, the RPA bot will start working. It looks like this:


All subsequent actions of the bot can be tracked in the Task Details menu. If for some reason the action is not completed or not entirely completed, the points will be returned to your account, which can be tracked in the RPA Points menu.


Before you start, you also need to decide on payment. Two options are available: you can pay for actions (steps), or you can pay for time. For a large number of actions and accounts it will be more profitable to buy a package for time, with it you will save a huge amount of man-hours. If you are not yet sure about the functionality you need and want to test the templates, you can buy points, which will be spent on successfully completed actions.


RPA automation from AdsPower is a great solution for teams who are looking for growth—simple and straightforward functionality that's worth getting into. We at AdsPower will always be happy to respond to your inquiries on our social networks and website.

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