Shanghai, China

Payssion can provide you with a one-stop global cross-border payment solution based on your company's industry and product characteristics, making it more convenient for buyers to pay and easier for sellers to collect.

Why Payssion can solve the problem of global payment difficulties? If your website only supports PayPal or credit card payment, there will be many users who can't pay because they don't have credit card or worry about the security of credit card information. The Payssion platform provides one-stop access to the world's mainstream localized payment methods, and one account can easily manage all payment channels.

By accessing Payssion's localized payment methods, users can complete their payments with the most familiar and trusted payment methods, which will not only greatly increase the payment success rate, but also bring in many new customers and increase the transaction volume by 30%. Whether you own a website or not, whether you are a business or an individual developer, you can use the Payssion payment platform to receive payments as long as you meet the relevant regulations of the platform. Learn more about the features and benefits of the product.


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