Guangzhou, China

SaleSmartly provides core services around the two demand scenarios of "consultation" and "sales":

  • Support website multi-chat entry plug-in
  • Support multi-channel message integration and unified reply
  • Support binding multiple chat accounts in a single channel
  • Support multi-person collaboration
  • Support multi-language even translation
  • Support text, picture, video
  • Support online and offline reply
  • Supports contact path tracing
  • Support AI intelligent robot to automatically reply
  • Support customer service performance management
  • Support PC and mobile terminal Sales scene
  • Support website to automatically trigger marketing slogans
  • Support multi-channel message (Facebook Messenger, Line, Instagram, Telegram, WhatsApp, Email, etc.)
  • Support automatic recall of abandoned shopping carts
  • Supports targeted extraction of multiple groups of people
  • Massive automated marketing templates
  • Massive Email Marketing Templates


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