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Safety Rules in AdsPower

2022/05/26 14:14:11Author: AdsPowerReads: 9614

The whole AdsPower team has been helping you take care of your data and accounts for years. Today we want to remind you of the importance of taking all safety precautions when using our browser. Extra security often seems to be just a burden with little benefit. We urge you to take some time and secure your valuable resources as much as possible.

We help you minimize the risks of bans and restrictions on different platforms. At the same time, the value of your personal AdsPower account increases dramatically. Remember that it is a valuable asset and do not neglect security issues.

What can I do to keep my AdsPower account secure?

First, let's look at the available options in "Global Settings". Here you can:

1) Set up two-factor authentication. This is slightly different from the common authentication using Google Authenticator. This method is slightly less secure, but much more convenient. Important: Don't forget to set different passwords for accounts on different sites!


2) Add the IPs that you access your account to the IP Allowlist. If you suddenly don't know how to conveniently check your IP address, you can go to this site.


3) Set the login notification from another device. To do this, please turn on the "Remote login reminder" function. This will send a message to your mailbox if the IP you are logged in to is different from the IP you often see.


Please note that the letter must come from an official AdsPower mailbox!

It will look like this:


The next step is to set all the necessary settings in the "Permission" section.

1) Start by creating a group. The same functions will be available within one group.


If you uncheck the "Team Management" checkbox, then all members of that group will not have access to this menu item.


You can also turn off a separate feature, such as "Delete profiles" in settings menu to prevent accidental or intentional deletion of account information.


2) You can reset the password for one particular team member if you think there may have been a problem with the security of his account. A new automatically generated password will be sent to his email. In the same way you can periodically update passwords for all users if you feel the need to do so.


In the "Operation Log" menu, you can keep track of any unusual actions that have been performed by all team members, and immediately detect any irregularities.


AdsPower from all directions takes measures to protect your accounts, one of which is protection against multiple login attempts.

Another point should be to pay extra attention when logging in.


Once again, make sure that your password is secure enough. Avoid both simple passwords and repetitive passwords with other sites. Change your password to a new or more complex one if you haven't already done so.


We hope that this article is useful to you and that you do take some time for your own safety so that you can save yourself time and money in the future. Don't forget to take care of yourself the way we try to take care of you!

Be careful when you visit our website or social networks, avoid phishing sites and fake accounts.

Below you can see a list of all official AdsPower links:

Website: www.adspower.com

Mail address: [xxx]@adspower.net

Telegram (Russian): https://t.me/adspowerru

Telegram (English) : https://t.me/adspoweren

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