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Switch from Multilogin to AdsPower

2022/12/27 09:55:55Author: AdsPowerReads: 3291

In this article, we compared AdsPower and Mulilogin in terms of functionality and pricing and came to the conclusion that AdsPower is a better choice for online marketers. For those who want to move from Multilogin to AdsPower, this guide can help you make it step by step.

Let's go!

1. In Multilogin, open the Overview of a profile, where fingerprints of this profile are shown on the right.

To move this profile to AdsPower, you'll first need to create a new profile in AdsPower that has the same fingerprints.

2. After the fingerprints are set, you should deal with the cookies. Install the extension Cookie Editor in Multilogin to obtain cookies of the profile you want to move.

Select platforms and export cookies from them.

3. Paste the cookies to the newly created profile in AdsPower

4. Done! Now the profile is successfully moved from Multilogin to AdsPower.

If you're on the Multilogin Scale plan, you can also use the Multilogin API, together with the AdsPower API to move profiles in batches. Learn how to get started with AdsPower in this walkthrough.

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