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What's New: What We Launched in January 2024

2024/02/08 16:16:11Author: AdsPowerReads: 1690

The first month of 2024 at AdsPower ended with several major new features: WebRTC Forward mode, custom browser settings, random proxy selection, synchronization across extension pop-ups on macOS and pricing in VND, which we will discuss further below. You can also read our release notes to see all of the releases we made in January.

Profile configuration

Forwarding WebRTC

AdsPower has allowed you to control the WebRTC fingerprints of your browser profiles by providing three different modes of operation: Replace, Real and Disabled. Now we have added a new mode: Forward.

By turning on the Forward mode, your IP address (no matter if it's your original IP or the proxy's IP) will be forwarded to websites via Google's server. In this way, your IP address will be masked at a higher level and websites will find it even more difficult to track down your IP.


You can find more useful information in this article, where we illustrate why WebRTC spoofing is important and how to choose from these four modes.

Custom settings “Save tab” and “Disable loading images and videos” for a single profile

We have added a new feature that lets you control three settings—Save tab, Disable loading photos, and Disable loading videos—in a single profile without having to adhere to the global settings.

custom settings

Randomly selecting a proxy for the profile

Now, when you’re configuring a saved proxy in the profile, you can either select a specific one from the drop-down list or click the button button to pick up a random proxy from the list.

random proxy

To manage how the proxy is selected, you can go to the Proxies section, click the button button on the right, and then choose the proxy selection method that suits you best.

proxy settings

Pricing in VND

We launched a new pricing method in VND. At the moment, we accept MoMo, VietQR, and ZaloPay.



Debug logs

We introduced debug logs in the RPA process to allow users to view the debug history.

debug logs

Limited-time free RPA

The RPA service is free for a limited time: from January 10 to April 1 (UTC+0), running RPA tasks won’t cost you any RPA points. More details can be found in this article.


Synchronization across extension pop-up windows on macOS is now supported.

Personal settings

Unsubscribing from marketing newsletters/SMS is supported now. To do this, you’ll only need to turn off the notifications.

Don’t forget to update your AdsPower app to the latest version before trying out the new features. Enjoy!

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