What's New: What We Launched in December 2023

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December was a productive month for us at AdsPower. In this month, we brought a lot of important updates and releases to the product, including:

  • Chromium 120 and Firefox 120

  • Synchronizer for macOS

  • AdsPower for Linux v5.11.27

  • Profile transfer from another antidetect browser to AdsPower

  • Signup and signin with Facebook

…and more! Keep reading to discover what we have for you.

Browser fingerprints

Chromium 120 & Firefox 120

We updated both the Chromium and the Firefox kernels to the 120 version, as well as the corresponding User-Agent.

New fingerprints

“App language” and “WebGPU” were introduced in this update.


In the Profiles section, you can now update the browser kernel or UA of multiple profiles to the latest version at the same time.

We also improved the sharing feature to allow sharing of the 2FA key.


Synchronizer for macOS (beta) was launched, and it supports most features of window management, text management, and tab management.



  • Operations “Click” and “Element appears”: The element selector supports the use of variables.

  • Operation “Scroll”:

    • When selecting scrolling by pixel, the use of variables is supported.

    • When selecting scrolling by pixel, the use of variables is supported.

  • Operation “Google Sheets”: When selecting the data range, the use of variables is supported.

  • The description's maximum character count has been raised to 100 for all operations.

Task log

  • It is supported to stop all tasks from being executed at once.

AdsPower for Linux v5.11.27

  • We added fingerprints "ClientHints", "WebGL metadata", "Media device", "Font", "Speech voices", "Device name", and "App language".

  • We optimized the following features: "Random fingerprints", "Download kernel", and "Preferences".

  • We fixed the problem of maximizing the window without the zoom out and zoom in buttons.


We added the “Remark” column to improve the convenience of managing groups.


The new feature “Check duplicate” allows you to check and exclude duplicate proxies when adding new ones.

Transfer from another antidetect browser

We made updates to our API to allow profile transfers from Dolphin{anty} to AdsPower. You can read the guide here.

Local settings

We added the “Check Local Network” feature in Local settings, allowing you to quickly check your local IP address.

Sign up with Facebook

Registration with Facebook is now available.

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