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What's New: What We Launched in May 2024

2024/06/05 15:39:15Author: AdsPowerReads: 264

As we wave goodbye to May, our team is thrilled to share a series of enhancements and new features that have been implemented, ensuring a smoother, more efficient user experience for all our valued users. This month, we've focused on upgrading our browsers, refining user options, and improving our profile and group management functionalities. Let's dive into the details.


Our commitment to providing a seamless browsing experience continues with significant updates to SunBrowser and FlowerBrowser. We've upgraded SunBrowser with the latest Chrome 124 and Chrome 125 kernels, enhancing compatibility and ensuring a smoother interaction between User-Agent (UA) and kernel versions.

Additionally, we've made strides in optimizing your browsing experience by enhancing the "Disable loading images" and "Disable loading videos" features, now available for Chrome 123 kernels and above.

Notably, we've addressed the Chrome vulnerability CVE-2024-4671 in the Chrome 124 kernel, reinforcing our commitment to your online security.

FlowerBrowser hasn't been left behind, with the introduction of the Firefox 126 kernel to improve compatibility and enhance your browsing experience further.

Fingerprint Settings

In our ongoing efforts to tailor your browsing experience, we've updated the User-Agent options to include Chrome 125 and Firefox 126, expanding your selection options and allowing for a more personalized browsing experience.

Moreover, we've introduced "Launch Args" in the Fingerprint Settings, offering you more tailored settings and enhancing your control over your browsing fingerprint. This provides better control and detailed customization of each profile. For example, you can add the command --disable-extensions to prevent the installation of extensions in this profile. And this is just one example. More arguments and additional information can be found here for Chrome and here for Firefox.

Profiles and Groups

A new "Check Proxy" feature has been added to the profile list, enabling you to ensure your proxy settings are optimal.

We've enabled support for exporting sharing details, including sharee(the person you share profiles with) and sharing time.

Additionally, we've introduced advanced filtering capabilities with "AND" or "OR" combinations, allowing for more refined control over your profiles.

On the groups front, we've enhanced "Group Authorization" by incorporating member-based filtering, offering you more granular control over group access and permissions.

Global Settings

Lastly, we've added a "Display profile name suffix" option in the Global Settings, allowing you to append additional text to profile names. This feature is designed to enhance visibility, especially for profile names in English or numeric form, making it easier to manage and identify your profiles at a glance.

As we continue to innovate and improve, we're excited about these updates and confident they will enhance your experience with AdsPower. We look forward to bringing you even more improvements and new features in the coming months!

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