2024/02 (v6.2.29)

2024/03/07 13:39:48


  1. SunBrowser
    • Added Chrome 121 kernel to improve UA version and kernel version compatibility.

    • Fixed the issue of disordered extensions.

    • Optimized fingerprint spoofing in mobile modes.

    • Improved random logic of WebGL metadata.

  2. User-Agent: Upgraded to version 121, offering more UA options.


  1. Enabled customization of the number of profiles per page (range: 1-100).


  1. Proxy Configuration: Optimized IPideaauto's automatic matching logic.


  1. Introduced "settings", which allows a specific extension to be permanently pinned in the browser.


  1. Modified the position of the pop-up window.
  2. Enabled synchronization of the "close" button.
  3. Addressed the issue of input method synchronization.
  4. Fixed the issue of windows overlapping when launching the synchronizer.

Team - Global Settings

  1. Added “Allow access to specific URLs” configuration under the Website Management - Block Access section.

Settings - Local Settings

  1. Included setting for "Window position" upon launch.
  2. Introduced an option for "Run UI automation tools" (only supported on Windows).
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