2024/05 (v6.5.28)

2024/05/31 16:17:30


  1. SunBrowser Enhancements

    • Added "Chrome 124" and "Chrome 125" kernels to improve compatibility between UA and kernel versions.

    • Enhanced "Disable loading images" and "Disable loading videos" features, available for kernels and above.

    • Resolved an issue where web pages would automatically close when loading extensions, applicable to kernels "Chrome 123" and above.

    • Addressed the Chrome vulnerability "CVE-2024-4671" in the "Chrome 124" kernel.

  2. FlowerBrowser Enhancements

    • Introduced the "Firefox 126" kernel to enhance UA and kernel version compatibility.

  3. User-Agent updated to "Chrome 125" and "Firefox 126" to expand selection options.

  4. Fingerprint Settings

    • Added "Launch Args" for more tailored settings.


  1. Added a new "Check Proxy" feature to the profile list.

  2. Enabled support for exporting information pertinent to sharing.

  3. Introduced advanced filtering capabilities with options for "AND" or "OR" combinations.


  1. Enhanced "Group Authorization" by allowing member-based filtering.

Global Settings

  1. Added "Display profile name suffix" when customizing icon. This is a new feature to append additional text to profile names, enhancing visibility for names in English or numeric form.

For more details, refer to our article( What's New: What We Launched in May 2024 )

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