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2022/10/08 13:40:29

How to Hide the MAC Address

If you frequently bring your smartphone outside, it could leak your MAC address, but if you use a new phone made in the last few years, you shouldn't typically be concerned.

2022/04/20 15:09:16

How to avoid Canvas fingerprinting

Canvas is a new tag added in HTML5, used with corresponding APIs to generate images and manipulate image content in real time on web pages.

2022/03/21 13:53:22

What is Browser Fingerprint and How to Defend Yourself Against Browser Fingerprinting?

Browser fingerprinting is a powerful method that websites use to collect information.

2022/03/17 19:03:13

What is Browser Fingerprinting?

Browser fingerprinting can track after cookies and supercookies.

2021/10/17 17:50:51

Understanding Canvas Fingerprinting

Comprehensive knowledge and usage of canvas fingerprinting.

2021/10/16 17:35:21

How Do Websites Detect Browser Fingerprints

The principles of website's detection and avoidance approach.

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