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2024/04/19 11:04:37

Cross Browser Fingerprinting: User Tracking On Steroids

Websites can track you by cross browser fingerprinting. This article explores cross browser fingerprinting, its risks, and measures for your privacy.

2024/04/03 18:01:22

Browser Fingerprinting vs Cookies: What’s The Difference?

This blog highlights the differences between browser fingerprinting and cookies, both tracking methods with unique traits.

2024/03/25 17:32:49

What is Font Fingerprinting_ A Detailed Guide!

Want to prevent browser fingerprinting? Read this blog for a detailed explanation of font fingerprinting and its prevention!

2024/03/18 17:21:03

What are HTTP Headers: Understanding Key Players of Client-Server Communication

What are HTTP headers and how can you view them in your browser? Find out everything about HTTP headers and their types in this guide.

2024/03/06 10:10:19

Breaking Down What Is A User Agent: UA Components & How To Look It Up

Discover what a user agent is, its components, and how to find your browser's UA string in this blog.

2024/03/01 11:56:28

How to Avoid Browser Fingerprinting: A Comprehensive Guide

Worried about Browser Fingerprinting? Our guide helps you prevent it while revealing minimum personal information.

2024/02/01 11:32:31

What Are WebRTC Leaks and How to Prevent Them?

Web RTC leaks can put you at risk at anytime. So in this article, we explore what they are, and how you can prevent them.

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