2023 in Review: Those We Achieved This Year

By AdsPower

It’s that time of year again to reflect on the past 12 months and see how much we’ve learned and grown. In this post, while we remember our major developments that help you work more efficiently, we recognize the globalization initiatives and our participation into offline events that bring us closer to you.

Here we go!

Important browser updates

Browser kernel and User-Agent

One of our top priorities was to quickly update the browser kernel to match the most recent versions of Chromium and Firefox. We released 13 of these updates in 2023 (SunBrowser 111–120 and FlowerBrowser 107/114/120), and the User-Agent was also updated to the most recent version in accordance.

2023 in Review: Those We Achieved This Year

New fingerprint options

For more advanced masking, we added a few more fingerprints: Device name, WebGL information, Hardware concurrency, ClientHints, Screen resolution, and Media device.

RPA updates

To increase the automation possibilities, a number of significant RPA operations were introduced, including Clipboard Content, Get Page Cookies, Clear Page Cookies, and Google Sheets.

Linux version

We released the linux version in October. Now AdsPower is available on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Release of synchronizer

Without a doubt, synchronizer was the most inspiring innovation in 2023 that has gained huge popularity among our users upon its debut in March.

Yet some competitors are attempting to imitate this very feature, we are proud to say that we provide the best-performing synchronizer on the market.

We weren’t content to rest our laurels on mere synchronization of actions among all windows and brought our enthusiasm into further development. For instance, human action simulation can be completed by allowing click and typing delays between each initiative. And you can expect various text typing options, like typing the same text in all windows sequentially, and typing different text in random windows.

By the end of December, synchronizer was available on macOS. Once more, we led the industry.

2023 in Review: Those We Achieved This Year

Going global steadily

In addition to continuously enhancing our support for worldwide audiences, we furthered globalization by adding new payment options, languages, and pricing models.

2023 in Review: Those We Achieved This Year

Local payment methods

  • Vietnam: VietQR, MoMo and Zalo Pay
  • Brazil: Pix and PagSeguro
  • India: UPI

New Languages

  • Turkish
  • Thai
  • French
  • Ukrainian
  • Hindi

Local pricing models

  • Pricing in Brazilian real
  • Polish zloty

Small improvements for better experience

Ease of use and comprehensive functionality go hand in hand when creating the user experience. To improve the user experience when using AdsPower, we included more bulk operations and predefined choices such as preferences and extension categories.

Events and partnerships

This year has seen growing activity of the AdsPower team on offline events. We attended large international conferences like Kinza, AW Barcelona and AWA, and visited interested local meetups in Vietnam and Russia. We were thrilled to meet old and new partners and customers at these events - meeting in person is always the most pleasant way to communicate!

While broadening the collaborations with more than 350 partners, we managed to make new content that improved how our partners and we were portrayed to each other’s audience, such as interviews, podcasts, and live streams.

2023 in Review: Those We Achieved This Year

2023 in Review: Those We Achieved This Year

Dreaming big in 2024

That’s a wrap, but that’s not all.

We’ve got an exciting roadmap for 2024 that will keep AdsPower at the forefront of the industry, providing the best solution on the market. And hopefully, it’ll inspire you to dream up ideas and make working in AdsPower more productive and delightful, so you can keep building the next big thing.

Stay tuned for further news!


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2023 in Review: Those We Achieved This Year