AdsPower 5.7.4: IP Checker, New Languages, And Login with Google

2023/07/11 18:32:57Author: AdsPowerReads: 2406

AdsPower 5.7.4 introduces several new features, including IP checker, new languages in the app, login method with Google, and other improvements that will make your work more efficient.

IP checker

Identifying IP geolocation is important for multi-accounting in any scenario. There are plenty of IP checking tools or websites for looking up IP geolocation on the market that make IP identification fast and easy. However, sometimes you may come across the following issue: you buy a proxy with a U.S. IP from a proxy provider, but when you look it up on a checking website, it turns out that this IP is located in Canada.

Hush, hush, before blaming the proxy provider for poor proxy quality or questioning the reliability of the checking website, first consider the possibility of them employing data from different IP location databases. Each IP location database has its own method of analyzing IP locations; therefore, which inevitably leads to deviations in IP checking outcomes.

In AdsPower, we’ve always had functionality that allows you to check the proxy connection and its geolocation when configuring it in a profile.

When you open the profile, the geolocation also displays on the start page.

Given the aforementioned situation, we introduced the IP checker in this update, allowing users to choose which IP geolocation database they prefer to use for determining the IP of a proxy. We support IP2Location and ip-api, the two most popular IP location databases.

New languages in the app

We support Italian and Bahasa Indonesia now.

Proxy configuration

The character limit for usernames and passwords has now been increased to 200.

Sorting profiles

Sorting profiles by “Name” and “Import time” is now available.

Sign in with Google

Now you can bind your Google account to AdsPower and sign in with Google.

Opening profiles

If the country / region of your profile appears to be different from the last time it was opened, the profile won’t be opened.

Download the latest version of AdsPower to experience this update. We always welcome your feedback and requests that will help us improve our product and service!

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