Expand Automation Possibilities through New RPA Operations

2023/07/25 11:34:57Author: AdsPowerReads: 2076

What’s new in RPA

Export workflows

We introduced an option to export the RPA workflows.

Get pasteboard content

A new operation, “Get pasteboard content”, was added under the Get Data menu.

Fill in random numbers

Filling out random numbers is now available.

Name screenshot with a variable

You are allowed to name a screenshot with a variable.

Other new features

Firefox 114 on macOS

Firefox 114 is now available in FlowerBrowser for macOS.

Bulk increase, replace, and clear tags

We have improved the tag functionality to allow you to increase, replace, and clear tags for multiple profiles at a time.

Check IP information when adding proxies

Using the recently added IP checker, you can verify the proxy's IP address in the Proxies section.

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