Synchronizer updates: hotkeys and improved window and text control

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We are thrilled to hear that many users have been enjoying Synchronizer since its release last month. Their valuable feedback regarding Synchronizer's functionality has inspired us to make updates, which will be covered in this article, along with updates to other features. (Synchronizer is only available on Windows at the moment.)


In this update we added hotkeys, window manager and text management to improve Synchronizer's performance. To experiecne these new features, you'll need to download the latest patch version in the app first. You can watch the video guide below or keep scrolling down to read the text.


To make it more convenient to control multiple windows, three hotkeys have been introduced:

● Start sync: Ctrl+Alt+S

● Stop sync: Ctrl+Alt+D

● Restart sync: Ctrl+Alt+R

Window manager

The new Window Manager allows you to control the size of opened windows. The way windows are tiled now depends on your screen resolution, and there’s no limit to the number of windows that can be opened at once.

(10 windows on the 1920x1080 screen)
(10 windows on the 1280x1024 screen)

If you change the size of the main window, you can make other windows the same size by clicking the “Uniform size” button.

You can also change the layout of windows by specifying their position, size, and space.

Text management

More operations were added to enable users to have more control over text entered in each window

Clicking the "Clear text" button will clear the entered text in all windows at once.

clear text

You can paste text by clicking "Paste text" if the hotkey "Ctrl+V" is not working.

You can also control the typing speed. A smaller number indicates higher speed.

111 version of User Agent

Coming along with the 111 kernel, the 111 versioin of User Agent was also added.

Bulk import/update/export changes

Two columns were added to the account importing template: tab and platform.

Text file (*.txt) was added as a new format of bulk export.

Version information

Now you can view all existing kernel versions and the latest patch version through Settings - Local settings, where you can update both to the latest version.

Don't forget to download the latest version of AdsPower!

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