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2023/08/23 18:02:10

How to Manage Browser Tabs in the Synchronizer?

In this article, we will discuss tab management, a new feature in the synchronizer.

2023/06/30 14:11:01

June Updates: Cache Backups, Highlighted Main Window, and Client Hints

In June, we introduced new features such as cache backups, Client Hints, and highlighted main window in the synchronizer.

2023/06/16 17:57:14

Sync Across Screens? We Made It!

New features in AdsPower’s Synchronizer include sync across screens, typing random numbers, and action delay.

2023/04/07 19:27:05

Synchronizer updates: hotkeys and improved window and text control

New features were introduced in Synchronizer, and 111 version of UA was added

2023/03/15 19:06:49

Synchronizer — control multiple accounts at once in AdsPower

In this article we explain how to use the new feature Synchronizer to control hundreds of accounts at the same time

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