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New Referral Experience With New Referral Dashboard

2022/10/11 19:41:04Author: AdsPowerReads: 7211

We launched our referral program 2 years ago and it's been successful as most of our customers get involved and turn their referrals into rewards. Thanks to our old friends, we have seen a growing influx of new users invited into AdsPower through all this time. Today we are excited to introduce to you our new referral dashboard, which has been equipped with the most sophisticated and detailed tracking reports available that are aimed to make referring with AdsPower even more efficient.

New referral dashboard overview

The new dashboard provides a more detailed summary, helping you to better track your referral activity and assess your performance over time. The summary includes statistics as below:

  • Clicks: clicks through your referral link

  • Registrations: registered users you refer

  • Transaction amount: payments made by your referrals

  • Not received: rewards yet to be paid out

  • Earned: paid rewards

You can check statistics for all time or for a specific period, from today to 180 days. This will enable you to identify trends and make adjustments to your referral strategy accordingly.

en 1.png

You can also read reports on every month.

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Referral tracking

Anyone who's ever tried to promote a product or service knows that it's a bit like playing the lottery. You put your resources into different marketing channels and then hope that one of them will hit the jackpot. But what if there was a way to track the performance of each channel, so that you could focus your resources on the ones that are actually yielding results? That's where custom links come in.

en 3.png

By creating unique links for each marketing channel, you can easily track where your traffic is coming from and how well each channel is performing. So instead of blindly throwing money at different marketing efforts, you can focus your resources on the channels that are actually giving you a return on your investment. It's a no-brainer, really.

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Useful materials

You can view and download resources, sales materials and marketing materials in the Resources section. These resources can be used to help you promote AdsPower successfully.

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More chances to earn

Another surprise of the new referral dashboard is that it gives you access to a broader Marketplace, where you can find many other referral programs. You can join whichever you want and promote the product/service right after that. Statistics of all programs you promote can be viewed in the My Promotions page.

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Get started

To enter the new referral dashboard, you only need to log in to your AdsPower account and go to the Refer & Earn section.


It should be noted that in order to withdraw your rewards, you should go to My Promotions page and apply for withdrawal.

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If you have any problem or thrilling idea to share with us, feel free to write to the online support or connect with us on social media!

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