December updates

By AdsPower

AdsPower underwent several updates and enhancements in December, including the intriguing Chrome 108 kernel. Walk through them now!

Chrome 108 kernel

We brought SunBrowser's kernel up to date to 108 version in order to keep up with the most recent Chrome change. Read more about the value of timely updates.

108 version added to User Agent

We updated the User Agent and added the 108 version in relation to the update to the Chrome 108 kernel.

Fingerprint "Hardware acceleration"

Both SunBrowser and FlowerBrowser now have a new fingerprint called "Hardware acceleration." It's important to note that using different hardware may change how your fingerprint looks.

Custom Column

With this new function, you can pick which columns to show in the Profiles menu and whether or not to lock the Open column.

December updates
December updates

(Unlock the Open column)

December updates

(Choose which columns to show in the Profiles menu)

Select profiles across pages

Now you can select profiles on different pages.

December updates

New RPA templates

More RPA templates can be found in the Marketplace, such as:

● MetaMask automatic login

● Cookie Robot

● Get FB ad permission AccessToken

● Get all ad accounts on Facebook


For full functionality, don't forget to update the AdsPower program!


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December updates